Podcast Revived!

Almost a year ago, I launched my podcast, Where I Work. I recorded 4 episodes, fell in love with the interview and editing process, it fulfilled my creative side, and was all-around a healthy thing for me and my professional and personal career. And then I stopped. Just like that.

And I am not 100% why.

OK, well finding and booking interviews was always difficult. I live and hour or more away from my prospective guests, and coordinating a time and day to record proved to be a chore. All excuses.

And then the ironic part, work began to get very demanding—and I often found myself working during non-work hours.  I was working so hard, in fact, that I won an achievement award that sent me on a 7 night Eastern Caribbean cruise. So I was working hard and getting recognition, but I was falling flat when it came to feeding my creative outlet.

It has been one year, almost to the day, since I recorded my first podcast. And while I cannot promise that I will record and post a new podcast every week or month for the next 3 years, I am happy to acknowledge that I dropped the ball and am picking up where I left off.

Episode #6 is now live.

Click here to listen to Episode #6: The Homebrewin’ Music Professor.