A First-Time Home Buying Experience

This past summer, Wendy Brazauskas, a Realtor at Berkshire Hathaway Home Services New England Properties, spent countless hours with my wife and me, recommending, showing, and often re-showing a number of homes in Connecticut towns like Southbury, Middletown, Woodbury, and Newtown. We connected with her right away. In fact, we now consider her family and look forward to having dinner together in our modest, new ranch in Woodbury.

In today’s digital world, so much information about homes are online for the public to view: When the home was listed, how much it was sold for, the average sale price for surrounding homes—not to mention all of the specs and photos of each property. I mean, developers are building Apps just to accommodate the demand for on-the-go, all-the-time information for home buyers.homebuying-tips2

Wendy was the third realtor we used in the last two years. And I have to mention that my wife and I are not fussy people—anything but; come to think of it, I actually don’t think either of us have ever sent back food at a restaurant. Anyway, my wife and I were often less than impressed with the agents we have used in the past. Often times, we had just as much information, if not more than the realtor unlocking the door. But again, in my opinion, if you are willing to do some work, the information is readily available. That is not why you need an excellent realtor.

For first time home buyers like us, we wanted to ensure that we were making a smart purchase. It’s overwhelming. And even though the Internet is loaded with valuable information, you need a realtor who is always looking out for your best interest—just like a good attorney. The other big piece that the Internet does not provide is confidence: Confidence that you can trust your realtor and know that they won’t let you purchase something without having weighed all of the options. In fact, my wife and I actually put an offer down with each of the last two realtors on homes, that in hindsight, we should have walked away from. With Wendy, we knew that would never happen.

Throughout the whole home-buying process with previous realtors, my wife and I decided that our next agent would have to ensure that:

  1. We chose the right location
  2. We didn’t pay too much
  3. We made a smart investment
  4. We were constantly kept informed

I can say with certainty that Wendy met all of the above criteria, and she continued to offer her support and expertise once the offer was made, up until the point where the previous owners handed over the keys.

One of things I really love about Wendy is her sincerity. It was clear from the day we met that she was interested in matching us up with the home we wanted instead of matching us up with a home we would buy. These are two very different things. Wendy truly took the time to learn about us and what we wanted in a home.

Wendy Brazauskas is an excellent realtor for a very simple reason: She does her job, and she does it well. That is not easy to find. (Don’t even get me started about the debacle that is Bank of America). Go ask some friends you know who purchased a home recently if they had a good experience with their realtor. I am willing to bet most will say: “OMG, they were awful,” and then go on and on about why.

If you are looking for a realtor in Connecticut, I highly recommend you reach out to Wendy. You will not be disappointed. Click here to see her contact information.

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