What is Culture? Podcast

Culture-Podcast-CoverPurpose & Origin of the Podcast

Tangoe is a global organization with over 2,000 employees across nine countries that has acquired more than a dozen organizations throughout its 20-year history, while also undergoing several leadership and other structural changes. Trying to create and nurture a shared company culture where all employees feel heard, empowered, and committed to the company’s vision is a difficult feat for any multinational corporation.

The acquisition of MOBI Wireless Management in December 2018 provided an opportunity to not only help 300 new employees feel connected to and invested in Tangoe, but to examine the collective company culture across the globe. Through candid interviews with Tangoe employees, as well as with professionals outside of the organization, this public-facing podcast serves as a bridge between employees, a window into Tangoe’s culture, and a forum for real discussions about the workplace.