Podcast Samples

Below are two current internal-facing podcasts that I host and produce at Cohesity, including a sample episode of each:

The WYNK (What You Need to Know) Podcast

  • Five-minute or less weekly episodes used to relay important information to global employees to help them stay informed, prepared, and connected.


  • A monthly, interview-style podcast, typically 15-20 minutes each, used to spotlight an employee to help connect and engage global teams.

What is Culture?

  • What is Culture? was a candid, interview-style podcast that I hosted and produced at Tangoe from February 2018 to November 2021. It was a both an internal and external facing podcast that aimed to discuss workplace culture, and I produced nearly 80 episodes with global Tangoe employees, as well as clients, vendors, and culture experts.

    Below is the most listened to episode, as well as a compilation episode.

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