“Rocco is an expert storyteller with a gift for bringing the culture and people in a company to life. He can start new programming from scratch without breaking a sweat and is, first and foremost, a collaborative team player. I feel lucky to have worked alongside Rocco and know I’ve learned an incredible amount from him.”

Sarah Frey, Internal Communications Manager at Cohesity

“Rocco is a Superstar in every way. I saw first-hand all of the big and little things he did to strengthen the culture at Tangoe. Rocco was the “one man team” for the “What is Culture?” podcast for the company—interviewing, pre and post production, editorial freedom as to who to interview, what topics to discuss, and everything in between. Many of us looked forward to listening to new weekly episodes when Rocco made them available. Rocco was also a strong advocate of our company’s continuous learning, by regularly curating and promoting important and useful content on LinkedIn Learning. He was a vocal proponent of the different aspects of our global organization, including Diwali, Black History Month, and Lunar New Year. Rocco is “The Man”, and I am absolutely convinced he is and will be a strong team member to any organization he works with.”

Michael Iong, Director, Corporate Program Management Office at Tangoe

“I worked closely with Rocco for two years while at Tangoe. Besides being a hard worker and going beyond in his role itself, he was also just a great influence and person to work with on a day-to-day basis. There was nothing he wasn’t willing to help me with, regardless of what he had on his own plate and despite the fact that we were in different departments. Rocco is also the rare kind of employee who really embodies and champions the culture of a company. Any place would be lucky to have him on board. ”

Alyssa LaRosa, Communications Manager at Jitterbit

“There aren’t enough positive descriptors to be said about Rocco. His ability to adapt to new situations and add value to the business in a variety of roles only begin to scratch the surface. His character is outstanding, and his dedication to making the company and the world a better place is pervasive.”

Patterson Fenelon, VP, Chief of Staff at Tangoe

“I had the absolute privilege to work with Rocco in each of his roles at Tangoe. In each area, Rocco would always break the mold of ‘this is how it’s done,’ and made sure that ‘this is the best way to do it.’ He is a trailblazer and isn’t afraid to go down a path on a project that hasn’t been explored before. Rocco’s creative mind allows him to bring a different perspective to corporate problems. The best example of this is the development, launch and maintenance of his What is Culture? Podcast to explore (publicly) the ins and outs of Tangoe’s internal company culture. His vision for this podcast was truly inspiring, incredibly brave to push the boundaries in the ways that he did, and it was executed flawlessly. Rocco single-handedly carried the podcast content, hosting, recording, editing, marketing, and website development/updates on his back and never missed a single deadline. Rocco holds himself to an incredibly high standard of work, and to say that he would be an asset to any team is truly an understatement.”

Kelly Rinaldi, Corporate Marketing Design Manager at Icertis

“Rocco’s creative mind, knowledge, and attention-to-detail allow him to excel in every aspect of his role. His commitment to take on new projects and increase his knowledge base allows him to not only grow professionally but also help the Marketing team be as successful as it can. Rocco is the first to volunteer for a project, and when he does, you know it will be done correctly due to his meticulous attention to detail and drive to always be the best at what he puts his mind to. On top of his great work ethic, Rocco is a great co-worker, and the first person I would want on my team to tackle my next project.”

Bryan Duncan, Manager Airline and Enterprise Partnerships at Intelsat

“As a content creator, Rocco is able to take layered and technical concepts and communicate them in a manner that is easy to understand to a wide variety of audiences. He works quickly and to a high level of quality with great attention to detail. He is able to submerse himself in new subject matter and do the research to understand and communicate on the level of colleagues who have been on the job longer than he has. He is willing to accept new challenges and adapt to them. Lastly, Rocco is enjoyable to work with, and a co-worker who can make you smile is a very valuable ally indeed.”

Christopher Eddy, Digital Marketing Manager at Munich Re America Services, Inc.

“I’ve had the pleasure of working with Rocco for almost a year in my role a Product Manager. During that time, Rocco has impressed me with his positive attitude and how enthusiastic he is when taking on any new task or project. It is this enthusiasm that allows him to create outstanding content that is always clear and concise. Many times he has worked with tight deadlines, been presented with half-baked concepts or requests, and has always turned out professional product. Beyond his technical ability, Rocco has shown himself to always be a terrific team player.”

M. Kemal Tuncer, Product Owner at TEKsystems

“Rocco is a talented marketing professional with a diverse set of skills to increase leads, implement marketing campaigns and create a diverse array of content for all forms of social media. I personally worked with him in implementing a successful ESP migration to Silverpop. In the course of 6 months, the projected ROI was far exceeded and an editorial calendar was created with content rich newsletters that gauged client interest for follow up segmented multi-part nurture campaigns. It has been a pleasure developing responsive email template, custom website designs, and branded marketing campaigns with him. Apart from his professional skills, he also excels at fostering good morale in the office.”

Bret Kerr, Video Production Manager at Mimecast

“Not only does Rocco bring character to the office setting, he’s committed to his work being flawless and up to date. It’s been a pleasure to work beside him, feeding off of his ideas and enthusiasm for the project at hand. I would recommend him as an excellent addition to any business any day.”

Alex Polley, Digital Marketing Manager at Genesys

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