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Description—Spend an hour or so with a professionally confused poet for an interview-style podcast with friends, family, colleagues, neighbors, and complete strangers as we discuss our careers and try to uncover how, why, or if work defines us.

Past guests include a Ballroom Dance Instructor, a House Painter, a Music Professor, an Attorney, an IT Director, a Yoga Instructor, and more.

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Episode #10: Faith and Hope

Gilda Gallagher, who has been an early childhood educator for close to 15 years, is my sister and someone who has played a major role in helping me launch this podcast. She is a fantastic person with a wonderful outlook, and we touch on a number of key points in our discussion, such as the importance of faith, the importance of physical activity, the importance of self-reflection, the importance a strong work ethic, and the importance of our personal relationships. We are living in a crazy world right now, as social media and news stations are filled with gun violence, police brutality, murder, terror attacks, political stand offs, and more. However, I hope this episode makes you laugh, makes you think, and allows you to take an hour for yourself.

Episode #9: Love Your Work

About two years ago, Danielle Marconi fulfilled her dream and opened a yoga and wellness center in Milford, Connecticut called BEND, where she not only manages but also teaches several courses. And she did this while maintaining a full time position as a high school counselor. In this inspiring conversation, Danielle discusses her personal journey and how she has worked to achieve success and well-being. Since I am amazed by people who can give so much of themselves for the greater good, I thought she would make a perfect guest. Take a listen, and I dare you not to be inspired in some profound way.

Episode #8: Meal by Meal

John entered the Air Force just two months before 9/11 and is currently a Field Examiner for the U.S. Department of Veteran Affairs. Before that role, he was a Federal Police Training Sergeant for over four years, and prior to that, he was a Security Forces/Military Police Officer, where he guarded intercontinental ballistic missiles (ICBMs) in Minot, North Dakota. Crazy, right? Tune in to find out about John’s “meal by meal” strategy, which he implemented during his basic training in San Antonio, TX in order to help him and all of the members of his flight get through an extremely difficult and demanding time. You do not want to skip over this episode—John provides a perspective that was truly missing from the show.

Episode #7: A Little Help from My Friends

Ben and Steve, a licensed Attorney and an Assistant Manager for Accounts Receivable, are not only great friends, but men that truly understand and appreciate the real struggles that many professionals face today. Some of the greatest friends we have are current and past co-workers. Why is that? I think we make these deep connections in the workplace because we are in the trenches with these people day in and day out. They see us at our best and at our worst. They see our strengths, and they see our weaknesses. And also, they get to learn what truly makes us tick. Take a listen. I am sure you will learn something from these guys.

Episode #6: The Homebrewin’ Music Professor

Dr. Doug O’Grady is an Associate Professor of Music, as well as the Department Chair, at a major Connecticut university where he teaches Music Industry Studies, Audio Production, Music Theory, and more. In addition to his major accomplishments in academia, which includes creating and coordinating a Bachelor’s degree in Audio and Music Production, Doug is a composer, a father of two, a master brewer, a Star Wars nerd, and a Taekwondo enthusiast. Tune in for a surprising discovery on how to achieve true work-life balance and to hear a sample of his music.

Episode #5: The House-Painting Scientist

Carved out by her experience working at her father’s hardware store as a girl, Melissa Krisak Ponzio is a scholar, a former high school science teacher, and an experienced house painter who is on a path to becoming a scientist—whenever that may be—doing her best in the meantime to be kind to herself in spite of the idea of where she is and where she isn’t at this moment in her life. This is an episode that reminds us that our lives and our careers do not always follow a self-imposed timeline.

Episode #4: Not Just A Boss, But A Leader

Dan DiVito, a husband, father of two, and my best friend, has worked for three Connecticut school districts since he was 22-years-old. He started out as a technician, and through hard work and proper guidance, he is currently the Director of Technology for Shelton public schools where he manages eight employees and oversees nine buildings. In this candid conversation, Dan discusses what it takes to be a “good boss” and why he has dedicated his career to technology—specifically as it relates to education. Give it a listen, and don’t be surprised if you find yourself wishing that your boss was more like Dan.

Episode #3: The Ballroom Comedian

David Hintz has been a ballroom dance instructor for over 10 years, and when he is not cuttin’ the rug with wealthy, southern Connecticut women, he is a stand up comedian and a creative professional who is constantly evolving. In this dark comedy of a conversation, Dave and I discuss his love for the performing arts and how his experience in college and his upbringing helped shape who he is, for better or for worse. Tune in, and you may even get to hear Dave perform one or two of his hilarious bits!

Episode #2: AmeriCorps, the Beautiful

I have known my brother-in-law Adam for a long time, but it wasn’t until this conversation that I really got to see what a great man he has become. When I first met him, he was a teenager trying to find his way, and now he is a role model and someone I am proud to call family. In this inspiring episode, Adam shares his experience with AmeriCorps and discusses how it affected his life and his career going forward. In addition, Adam, along with his wife Rachel, share their plans to put work on hold and travel for a year.

Episode #1: My Whole Life Is My Work

Although Christopher Eddy is hands down the most talented creative professional with whom I have ever worked, he is also a musician and an artist, and a man determined not to be defined by his work. But was he always so balanced and so secure? Tune in for a hilarious and often painfully truthful discussion, as we unpeel the psyche and work to uncover the secret to finding creativity in the mundane.

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2 thoughts on “Podcast: Where I Work

  1. A good deal of the conversation in episode one reminded me of Erich Neumann’s Art and the Creative Unconscious. He explores why a particular piece of art work, or a particular artist, enters the collective consciousness at a particular time in history, when there are millions of examples of art, and millions of talented artists, who never achieve that level of renown. It was quite inspiring to listen. Thank you.

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